The Chikodi Liberal Education Society was established in 1962 to recognize the need for spreading education and creating learned, well mannered and well cultured future generation with special focus on upliftment of the students from rural and under privileged background. The society has stepped forward by eliminating darkness and ignorance for 50 years. And celebrated its “Golden Jubilee Year” in 2012. Today the society serves through its 14 institutions in Chikodi town, Kabbur, Karoshi and Hirekodi villages.
The society has always been in front-row for fostering the student community and become a sparkling platform for enormous students to unlock their doors of opportunities and ensure their educational, social, economical and cultural development.


The CLE Society’s K.K. CBSE School was established in 1978, with an intension of accelerating the School education and enhancing efforts in preparing Children better to enter and contribute the competitive and global world.

The School has tradition of excellent results consistent advance in all pervasive development of the students considering their individual needs, interests and natural abilities and imparting learner centric quality education accessible to all.


Knowledge is power. True knowledge ensures wisdom, harmony and intellectualism. It aims at creating ‘human’, establishing link between one’s life and world outside and realizing the truth of life. Since Vedic period the great sages of our soil realized the significance of knowledge and concluded that noble life could be attained through acquisition of true knowledge.
CLE’S K.K. CBSE School, is established with a sole objective of departing the best education by exploring and nurturing the home grown talents by leaving no stones unturned. We aim at enabling the youths/adolescents to utilize their potential in a constructive way. We equip our students with a sense of deep respect and service for our mother land to catapult our nation to new heights. Our efforts are fueled by the legacy of rich Indian cultural heritage.

Principal’s Desk

Our School is pillar of it community and an institution ‘where our students feel safe and supported and families are proud to send their children.Our school provides an atmosphere of excellence by setting high standards for students and school personnel and allocates resources to achieve Success


Enriching Society through ,enlightening the generation with Humanistic and valuable education.


To empower the liberal education, ignite rural talents and define the destination for academic excellence.